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Memories of growing up with cricket in the Joyce household

clock August 24, 2011 18:07 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Ed Joyce's sister Isobel recalls a childhood of cricket surrounded by her heroes [More]

Deutrom deserves credit for ICC's u-turn on Ireland

clock June 29, 2011 13:29 by author Irish Examiner Sports
When the ICC's executive committee effectively banned Ireland from the next world cup, one man set about changing their minds [More]

The ICC may have just killed off cricket for good in Ireland

clock April 4, 2011 22:58 by author Darren Norris
Terry Reilly reflects on the implications for Ireland of the ICC's decision to reduce the number of teams taking part in the Cricket World Cup [More]

Let the bandwagon roll on

clock March 3, 2011 00:34 by author Alan Good
Leave the cynicism at the door; Ireland's magnificent Cricket World Cup win over England could help us broaden our sporting palate, says Alan Good [More]

The reasons for England’s Ashes mirabilis

clock December 29, 2010 19:57 by author Alan Good
Picking specific bowlers for certain pitches and unshakeable character underpinned England’s Ashes victory, says Alan Good [More]

An oh-so-rare dash of English humility

clock December 7, 2010 12:20 by author Irish Examiner Sports
England's cricketers are bursting into an effervescent new dawn and you can't fail to be captivated by it, writes Joe Callaghan. [More]

KP punctures Aussie draw dreams

clock December 6, 2010 13:23 by author Irish Examiner Sports
England bid to close the deal on a series lead as the Ashes heads into the final day of the second test in Adelaide [More]

Australia staring down Ashes barrel

clock December 5, 2010 13:49 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Kevin Pietersen piles on the agony for the hosts on day three of the Ashes second test in Adelaide [More]

When is a draw not a draw?

clock November 29, 2010 11:11 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Joe Callaghan's Day Five blog from The Ashes first test [More]

Day Five, and England are alive

clock November 28, 2010 16:49 by author Irish Examiner Sports
A strong opening stand has probably saved the Ashes first test for England, says Joe Callaghan [More]


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