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Talking yourself up is the new talking yourself down

clock June 5, 2013 11:32 by author JohnF
Dublin, Mayo, Kildare and Donegal have not been shy in talking themselves up this year and it's set to become the latest trend in the GAA [More]

When an immovable object meets an irresistible force...

clock August 3, 2012 16:27 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Cork and Kildare are more alike than some would think - hardly surprising given who's in charge of both, writes John Fogarty [More]

Realism needs to be attached to any provincial restructuring

clock July 12, 2012 12:16 by author JohnF
Everyone is talking about restructuring the GAA's flagship competitions but it does not need a radical overhaul, just a pragmatic one. [More]

'Insecurity has made a hames of inter-county Gaelic football as a spectacle'

clock April 25, 2012 21:41 by author JohnF
Football, and how it is played at present has meant a degeneration of the game- but all's not lost, writes John Fogarty [More]

GPA must ask players about payments to managers again

clock February 14, 2012 16:35 by author JohnF
John Fogarty believes that a line must be drawn under the payments to managers issue sooner rather than later. [More]

Top three football games I was at this year...

clock January 2, 2012 12:04 by author Irish Examiner Sports
John Fogarty, Fintan O'Toole and Denis Hurley recall the three favourite games they were at in 2011 [More]

Water Cooler: Dubs in same position as Cork and Kerry can rebuild

clock September 19, 2011 12:18 by author Terry
Brendan O’Brien, John Fogarty, Tony Leen and Terry Reilly discuss yesterday’s All-Ireland SFC final victory by Dublin. [More]

Water Cooler: Were Kilkenny using football tactics?

clock September 5, 2011 12:08 by author Irish Examiner Sports
There was a big debate today on whether Kilkenny used the Tyrone and Armagh pressing style from the early noughties to overcome Tipperary [More]

Water Cooler: Gooch isn't a cert for All Star and Kerry have defensive problems

clock August 22, 2011 11:39 by author Irish Examiner Sports
There were a few upturned eyebrows when it emerged Gooch isn't a cert for an All Star and a divided opinions over referee David Coldrick's performance [More]

Are Dublin a top-three team? Not everyone agrees

clock August 15, 2011 11:23 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Tipperary are still the favourites, that everyone agrees on, because no one believes Kilkenny can raise their game [More]


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