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Nine lessons we learned from last night’s Munster MFC quarter-finals

clock April 17, 2014 11:22 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Our writers Denis Hurley, Eoghan Cormican and Tomás McCarthy tell us the nine things we learned from last night's Munster MFC quarter-finals [More]

Week 3: Attracting Koreans to the club

clock April 16, 2014 12:20 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Waterfordman Mark Dowdall is trying to preach the GAA gospel to the kids in Seoul this week... and it's starting to work [More]

Week 2: You want team spirit? Visit a jjimjilbang

clock April 9, 2014 14:55 by author Irish Examiner Sports
It's week two of Seoul GAA's season and they're in the same position every club team in the country finds themselves - preseason sprints [More]

Pat Henderson: Give this new broadcast rights deal a chance

clock April 2, 2014 18:17 by author Diarmuid O'Flynn
Pat Henderson: "Rather than have a debate where we don’t have all that information, let’s wait and see what happens." [More]

A GAA Seoul: Week 1 and it's all about introducing the game

clock April 2, 2014 11:55 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Waterfordman Mark Dowdall is living and playing Gaelic football in South Korea. They had their first training session at the weekend. Find out how it went. [More]

Without Heffernan Dublin v Kerry would never have had the same allure

clock August 29, 2013 11:08 by author JohnF
Kevin Heffernan created the mystique surrounding Kerry v Dublin and no one needs reminding about that [More]

Lessons learned from Cork v Galway

clock July 28, 2013 14:45 by author Irish Examiner Sports
What lessons were learned from Cork’s defeat of Galway at Croke Park on Saturday afternoon? Ger McCarthy investigates. [More]

Hannon backs London to overcome curse of the six-day turnaround

clock July 22, 2013 22:32 by author Brendan O'Brien
London captain belives exiles can recover quickly from the trauma of losing the Connacht final [More]

Read between the lines for the full story

clock June 27, 2013 11:29 by author JohnF
Kildare's approach to the game against the Dubs highlights a new tact by the Lilywhites [More]

Talking yourself up is the new talking yourself down

clock June 5, 2013 11:32 by author JohnF
Dublin, Mayo, Kildare and Donegal have not been shy in talking themselves up this year and it's set to become the latest trend in the GAA [More]


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