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Talking Points: reflections on the weekend’s Allianz Football League

clock March 4, 2013 13:50 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Our staff writers tease out some of the issues arising from the weekend's gaelic football [More]

Talking points: what we learned from the weekend's GAA

clock February 11, 2013 13:49 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Our staff writers and regular contributors reflect on what they learned from Round 2 of the Allianz Football League at the weekend [More]

Division 1 is stronger than ever but expect it to get silly towards the end

clock January 30, 2013 11:13 by author JohnF
Football's cream has finally risen to the top in league but structure remains flawed [More]

Rampant Rebels down Mourne men in style

clock March 12, 2011 22:25 by author Fintan
Cork proved far too strong in a repeat of last year's All-Ireland decider, writes Fintan O'Toole. [More]

The mourning after the night before

clock September 20, 2010 15:31 by author Brendan O'Brien
As Cork celebreate, Down lick their wounds after Sunday's football final loss, says Brendan O'Brien [More]

The thought of defeat is the biggest reason Cork will win

clock September 18, 2010 16:58 by author Tony
Our sports editor looks ahead to tomorrow's All-Ireland final - and explains why Cork will prevail [More]

O'Reilly's not getting Down. Oh really?

clock August 31, 2010 13:28 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Joe Callaghan's weekly look at how the Irish AFL hopeful are faring down under [More]

Why Danny Hughes is now pivotal to Down's ambitions

clock August 29, 2010 21:24 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Maybe Down's name is written on Sam Maguire this season, suggests Eamonn Fitzmaurice [More]

Recalling those heady Down days of the sixties

clock April 19, 2010 15:46 by author Administrator
Ahead of the weekend's GAA Congress, officials and honoured guests saluted the Down team that changed the face of gaelic football. Jim O'Sullivan was there [More]


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