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Europe — it’s the Italian Job again

clock December 16, 2011 19:52 by author Irish Examiner Sports
English clubs must overcome Italian lessons to advance in the Champions League [More]

European transfers throw up some new names to look out for

clock September 2, 2011 11:06 by author Irish Examiner Sports
David Shonfield charts the big spending in Europe whihc dwarfs the drama in the Premier League [More]

No recriminations in Portugal for André Villas Boas

clock June 22, 2011 17:42 by author Administrator
Portuguese media and fans have accepted André Villas Boas's move to Chelsea, says David Shonfield [More]

Italian media lauds Trap and Marco

clock June 8, 2011 17:50 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Italian-based journalist David Shonfield has reviewed the native media and finds glowing praise of Stephen Hunt, Andy Keogh and, of course, Giovanni Trapattoni [More]

Genghis Khan 0 Salvador Dali 2

clock April 28, 2011 14:45 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Real Madrid deserved to lose because of their negative attitude according to David Shonfield [More]


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