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Quieter cars disappoint GP chiefs

clock March 17, 2014 12:44 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Australian Grand Prix chief Ron Walker has described Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone as being “horrified” at the sport’s new quieter era – which could lead to a legal challenge. [More]

An Australian Schools match against Ireland to remember

clock December 16, 2013 14:11 by author Charlie Mulqueen
Tuesday’s visit of the Australian Schools team to Thomond Park to play Munster evokes memories of a memorable match at the same venue on the exact same date back in 1977. [More]

Fiji to keep faith against Aussies

clock November 19, 2013 17:37 by author Irish Examiner Sports
The Fijian players' faith and religion is their guiding force ahead of Saturday’s World Cup semi-final against Australia [More]

Michael Lynagh and his Australian team were gentlemen

clock April 19, 2012 18:06 by author Barry Coughlan
Michael Lynagh's name conjures up images of that famous World Cup match against Ireland in 1991 [More]

How the GAA is easing the pain of emigration

clock November 29, 2011 12:59 by author JohnF
On the recent International Rules Series, John Fogarty sampled the growth of the GAA in Australia [More]

Rules future in the same old place - hanging in the balance

clock October 31, 2011 11:04 by author JohnF
Has the International Rules got a future? The Aussies don't think so. [More]

McMahon: Good start will be crucial

clock October 27, 2011 15:20 by author JohnF
Joe McMahon thinks Ireland have to come out of the blocks fast to get an edge over the Australians [More]

Australians aren't taking a punt on the Rules

clock October 26, 2011 11:18 by author JohnF
The Aussie like a bet but there's very little talk of the International Rules fluttering in the Melbourne air [More]

Don't look away - the International Rules series deserves better

clock October 24, 2011 21:49 by author JohnF
John Fogarty argues that the International Rules will survive as long as the odds are even and the contest isn't marred by controversy. [More]

As if you needed any more reason to enjoy the win over Australia...

clock September 21, 2011 22:07 by author Michael
Michael Moynihan looks at a lengthy history of Antipodean sour grapes. [More]


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