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Westwood feels good form returning

clock April 7, 2014 17:45 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Lee Westwood believes he's finding his groove again in good time for the Masters [More]

It is going to be a big weekend for...

clock April 4, 2014 10:33 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Ger McCarthy checks out who it will be a big weekend for in the Premier League [More]

Pat Henderson: Give this new broadcast rights deal a chance

clock April 2, 2014 18:17 by author Diarmuid O'Flynn
Pat Henderson: "Rather than have a debate where we don’t have all that information, let’s wait and see what happens." [More]

A GAA Seoul: Week 1 and it's all about introducing the game

clock April 2, 2014 11:55 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Waterfordman Mark Dowdall is living and playing Gaelic football in South Korea. They had their first training session at the weekend. Find out how it went. [More]

Espanyol: The other team in Barcelona

clock March 31, 2014 14:53 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Barça almost don't deign to regard their cross town neighbours Espanyol as a genuine rival. [More]

A case for the defence, or not?

clock March 27, 2014 13:43 by author Irish Examiner Sports
The best defence alone has won the Premier League just three times since the division was reduced to 20 teams in 1995. That figure improves only slightly, to eight, when the title winners have also enjoyed the best attack. [More]

Arsenal challenge sinks, as City fly ever higher

clock March 25, 2014 22:29 by author Brian
Ger McCarthy reflects on a pivotal night in the Premier League title race [More]

Jones: Win can give us impetus

clock March 20, 2014 14:56 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Phil Jones thinks the 3-2 aggregate win was just what United needed after their defeat to Liverpool last weekend and the defender hopes the team will now be able to end the league season on a high [More]

Back problems continue to blight Tiger

clock March 19, 2014 16:53 by author Irish Examiner Sports
As Woods himself put it recently, “A bad back is no joke” and it certainly appears to be getting more serious as time goes on. [More]

Quieter cars disappoint GP chiefs

clock March 17, 2014 12:44 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Australian Grand Prix chief Ron Walker has described Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone as being “horrified” at the sport’s new quieter era – which could lead to a legal challenge. [More]


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