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You know the Nazis planned to abolish the GAA, right?

clock June 30, 2010 19:45 by author Michael
Michael Moynihan on summers without the Championship - if Hitler had succeeded [More]

Taking lessons in team building from the Dutch? Seriously?

clock June 29, 2010 11:22 by author Irish Examiner Sports
For once the Netherlands appear to have the individual talent and the collective will to succeed, says Gerry Cox in South Africa [More]

For football's sake, give us back our game

clock June 28, 2010 14:26 by author Irish Examiner Sports
From the ball itself to the stubborn refusal to embrace technology, it has been a bad June for FIFA, claims Gerry Cox [More]

Sometimes, education has to be painful

clock June 28, 2010 03:23 by author Alan Good
Ireland were taught some harsh lessons down under, but it's better than learning nothing at all, writes Alan Good [More]

Bye bye Fabio. But who's next?

clock June 27, 2010 19:06 by author Irish Examiner Sports
The notion that Capello was a tactical master has been exposed as a sham, says Gerry Cox in Durban [More]

With Italy, it's either champions or calamity

clock June 25, 2010 11:04 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Why did Lippi rely so heavily on Italian thirtysomethings, asks Gerry Cox [More]

We'll be waiting for an African world champion

clock June 24, 2010 13:13 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Gerry Cox says that Pele's prediction of a World Cup winner from Africa is a long way from being realised [More]

Frankly speaking, Lamps has had better birthdays

clock June 22, 2010 19:53 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Chris Hatherall WHAT constitutes a dull birthday? Maybe one spent in the office, or driving the kids to four different after-school clubs before picking them up again two hours later? Perhaps it would be stuck at home waiting for the gas man to arrive; or maybe holed up in hospital waiting for the ... [More]

South Africa may be gone, but the party's just getting started

clock June 22, 2010 19:49 by author Irish Examiner Sports
Gerry Cox joined in at one of FIFA's fanfests in South Africa - and was pleasantly surprised [More]

When the end can't come soon enough

clock June 22, 2010 19:20 by author Irish Examiner Sports
US Open champion Graeme McDowell found himself nervously counting down the holes with five to go on Sunday, writes Brian Keogh [More]


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